Join ​Zoom Vinyasa Yoga

For who?

If you want to...

- Get stronger physically & mentally

- Improve health in general

- Feel rejuvenated 

- Increase flexibility and strength

- Want to be fit

What do I expect?

It is a vinyasa style yoga which you move the body with the breath. The theme of the class is different each week We start with gentle movements to warm up the body and do challenging flows to awaken all the parts of the body, then we end with some gentle yummy stretches to relax. 

It's a small group so you will feel like you are taking a class in person, you will get adjustments and advices. 

Date and Time 

Pacific Time 

Date & Time

Thursday 8pm - 9pm

Sunday 8am - 9am 

Price: 1 class $15, 3 classes $40 ($5 cheaper than a single class), 5 classes $65 ($10 cheaper than a single class)

Green Succulent Plant

How to Join

Step1.  Contact me from the form below with your name, email address and how many classes you'd like to purchase. Or any questions.

Step2. I will send you a PayPal request for the payment and Zoom link with all other details. Please consider that It would take to 1 to 3 business days to reply.


Step3. Complete the payment.

Step4. Join the class!

Thanks for submitting!

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